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Ms Christine Adedokun: Specialised in Accountancy & Taxation matters

I am dedicated to ensuring that you receive the right level of professional support so that your private and business needs are met. As the partner I am specialised in a wide sector of accountancy & Taxation matters. With many years of experience of working in and around the area and has real insight into your concerns as a local business. As a friendly and helpful person, I know that much of my job lies in helping you to understand the tax maze so that we can work together on the simplest, most efficient way to take your business forward, year by year.

Ms Christine Adedokun Managing partner, Fellow Financial accountant, Fellow Federation Of Tax Advisers & Member of ACCA & CIMA Professional career, also a Fellow member of Institute of Public Accountants. The founding partner of Accounts-Solutions, decided to launch the company after gaining a number of years of experience working in small accounting companies, various industries as financial controller, Multinationals & Conglomerates in Industry. Has been working in the accountancy profession over 30 years has always been interested in tax and seeks to reduce clients’ tax bills

Published by Gary Ellis on May 11th 2024, 4:39pm

Christine Adedokun: A Journey from Algebra to Accountancy

Financial Accountant Director Christine Adedokun has carved a niche for herself in the accountancy industry. Her journey, however, stems from an unyielding belief in one’s abilities.

Her journey began in a grammar school where she struggled with algebra. “That is the main subject that I couldn’t grasp.” However, a turning point came when she sought help from a teacher during her time in Nigeria. “I actually called him and said I’m not following this subject, I don’t get anything and I think I need it for my future.” The teacher agreed to coach her, and she quickly grasped algebra, which led her to admire physics.

Christine’s journey took her back to the UK, where she started a family. Wanting to further her education, she faced a crossroads. “My dad was telling me to follow different paths, but I wasn’t interested. I said I wanted to do business studies or anything business related.”

She pursued business studies and then banking, but found it wasn’t for her. “I got into the banking classes, but there wasn’t much that I liked. I didn’t understand anything.” It was then that she discovered her passion for accountancy. “I discovered accountancy and thoroughly liked it because it followed up on what the other teacher taught me.” She changed courses, went into accountancy, and that marked the beginning of her journey.

Christine’s journey was not without its challenges. She juggled her studies with work and raising a family. “I would go to work during the day, and at night I would go to college. And In between, I would be raising a family.” Christine persevered and found her calling in financial accounting. “That was the exciting plan for me. That’s what I liked the most, becoming a financial accountant.” She completed her courses and specialised in small to medium-sized organisations as a financial accountant.

Overcoming Challenges and Empowering Clients

Some of the key challenges Christine has had to overcome have only served to strengthen her leadership. “The challenges that come to mind and I have overcome by the grace of God came during COVID. It was slow and difficult getting people to work for and to work with me. Even up to now to make sure that even though they’re working with me, they’re not pulling me down because I have to train them,” she shares. This dual role of working and training simultaneously has been a significant challenge for her.

Adedokun’s company, Accountants Solutions, is geared towards helping people manage their wealth. “We do mostly what other accountancy firms do, but it’s a financial accountancy, so we are more geared to helping people with their wealth, keeping it, increasing it and contributing to wealth creation and wealth distribution as well. So we’re more geared toward making the money sing,” she explains.

She acknowledges that many of her clients, particularly those from small to medium businesses, may be knowledgeable in their fields but lack financial knowledge. This gap can hinder growth as proper documentation and orderliness are crucial in today’s world. “If you’re a small business, it’s a bonus. Try and get an accountant. If you want the accountant to do your records, that’s even better. If not, you can ask them to train you and what to do,” she advises. Engaging an accountant can enlighten business owners on how to increase their wealth and keep proper records, which is essential for growth.

Leadership and Legacy

Christine’s approach to leadership is rooted in empathy and connection. “People like to be pampered or loved. Being shown courtesy goes a long way. I try to do that to people because I’m a people person. I like people to at least give me something, so those are my motives and managerial skills, just being nice to people,” she shares. This simple act of kindness and the ability to connect with people ensures quality connections and fosters a positive work environment.

Adedokun’s vision for her company is to carve out a niche in the market for accountancy solutions. “I believe by the grace of God it has, especially during COVID, reached the stage that we’re not advertising for clients and I think that it’s a very good position to be in. I would like to still continue to promote our work granted we have the capacity to cope with it,” she states. This vision reflects her commitment to sustainable growth and client satisfaction.

In terms of services, Adedokun’s firm covers pensions and investments, especially capital venture investments. “If you invest in the capital venture you would be able to get that investment that you’ve made. The tax on it would not be taxed. For instance, if you put a certain amount in and that amount is coming off of the profit and loss which should have been taxed, it won’t be taxed. And when the profit that you gain by investing also when it comes back is not taxed. So there’s lots of things involved. This is just one example of how we contribute toward the wealth creation of our clients,” she explains.

Adedokun’s leadership style, vision for her company, and commitment to client service paint a picture of a leader who is not only adept at navigating the complexities of finance but also deeply invested in the success of her clients. 

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